Brainstorming Scenario

 A Rocket Race in the 1930s?

How do you get the European Great Powers into a rocket race in the 1930s?

Dale Cozort's

 Alternate History Newsletter

Volume 4: Number 2 --- April 2001

(Seven time winner of the clear cut award)

World War 2 Scenario 

What If Hitler Hadn't Declared War on the US? 
(part 2)

The redistribution of naval power and the continuing battle for the East Indies.

World War 2 Scenario 

How Do You Get France Defeating Germany in 1940? 
(part 2)

Exploring the consequences of France staying in the war.


(part 2)

Two more chapters of my Exchange novel.


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What Is This? 

Ever had one of those periods of time when weeks seem to go by like days normally do? I had one of those over the last couple of months. As of Friday afternoon, April 27, I've done less writing in the last couple of months than in any period since I started writing seriously, and I'm not sure why. I'm not sure where the time went. Hopefully I'll figure it out and get back on track for next issue.

This issue has some good stuff in it.  I enjoyed writing the rocket race scenario.  I also put in a second installment of the novel I'm tentatively calling Exchange. POD members have seen earlier versions of all of the strands that make up the novel. I would love to get feedback on how the pieces fit together.  I think you'll enjoy it I posted chapter one quite some time ago, and I do have a link to that in case you want to refresh your memory of what is going on. 

 I was a little disappointed in both the "French Win" and the "Hitler Doesn't Declare War" scenarios.  The French one hasn't gone anywhere dramatic yet, though I suspect that may change if I continue it next issue.  The scenario where Hitler doesn't declare war on the US after Pearl Harbor didn't progress as far as I had hoped this time.  The scenario led to a number of questions that required a considerable amount of research--how much naval power could the US move to the Pacific?  How would a real battle for the Dutch East Indies, as opposed to a Japanese walk-over develop?  How much would less Lend-Lease hurt the Soviets in the first half of 1942?  How would US emphasis on the Pacific influence the battles in North Africa?   I'm still working to answer some of those questions, and as a result the scenario didn't progress as much as I hoped it would this time.   


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