Drake in Northwestern Mexico (part 3)

The  Spanish have ruled Mexicoís Indians for sixty years. Now itís payback time.


Dale Cozort's

 Alternate History Newsletter

Volume 3: Number 4 --- August 2000

(Six time winner of the clear cut award)

Peru & Mexico Meet Before Columbus 

What if the great American Indian Cultures had exchanged ideas and technology before Columbus?


Operation Torch Delayed (part 6) 

The consequences of Operation Torch being delayed keep rippling.


Thoughts on "The Great Transition"

What allowed Western cultures to expand throughout the world and out-distance their rivals in science and technology?

Alternate History on the Web

A few new or interesting Alternate History-related websites.



No Soviet T34 Tank

How much do nations depend on the skill and persistence of a few creative and talented men?




Things That May Make You Go AH

A section of odd World War II facts with AH implications. 



More Stuff For POD Members Only

What you see here is a truncated on-line version of a larger zine that I contribute to POD, the alternate history APA.  POD members get to look forward to more fun stuff.





What Is This? 

Since the June issue, I've been taking advantage of the all-to-brief mid-western summer to enjoy as much time as I can out in the beautiful weather with my family. I've also been working hard to get more of my fiction polished and out the door. That has meant less time for the scenarios. I make no apologies for that. This is a labor of love, not an obligation. At the same time, I believe in putting out a consistently high quality product, even if the only reward I get from it is the satisfaction I feel when I've done something well. This is a relatively skimpy issue in the scenario department, and one that I'm not totally satisfied with.

At the same time, there are good things in here. The Operation Torch scenario leads to an interesting situation-an America at war faces a constitutional crisis, a Red Scare, and the Soviets running amok in Asia. The maps from the 1939 atlas are interesting, though they are going to be for POD members only due to the amount of space they take up. POD members will see the end of Winston, and a second piece of Songbird.  They will also get a mystery map--a map that could only have come from an Atlas published within a matter of a year or two.  POD members will also notice a somewhat longer than normal section of comments on last issue of POD. It was a good issue, with a lot of thought-provoking stuff in it, and even 15 or so pages of comments don't really do it justice.


Also this issue, POD people get to a look at some new fiction:

  • Songbird (part two) Why does Sarah's forty-something year old male companion look like he's ready to go into a nursing home ? 

They also get to see the second part of a fiction piece called Winston. 

POD member will also see the usual commentary on last issue.



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