Dale Cozort's Alternate History Newsletter 

Volume 5: Number 1 --- February  2002

Hitler Doesn’t Declare War On the US (part 4)

The course of the war through mid-1943

Pequots Win Their War

New England loses its first Indian war.

 In The Pipeline-Poland

In World War II, some countries exited early. What would the likes of Poland, France, and Italy have had in their arsenals if they had continued weapons development a year or two after they exited historically? 

  France Takes The Offensive-- September 1939

What would have really happened if France had launched a serious offensive to aid Poland in September 1939



What Is This? 

This is a scaled-down version of the magazine I put in POD, the alternate history Amateur Press Association magazine.  This issue I start a new series of articles where I basically take a country that was involved in World War II, and try to figure out where it would have been at in terms of major weapons systems six months to two years down the road if it hadn't exited the war when it did.  

The article for this issue looks at Poland.  Future articles will look at Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, maybe even the Spanish Republicans, then I'll work my way up to Germany, Japan, and maybe even the victors--the US, Britain and the USSR.  In the case of the last three countries I'll look at programs that were cancelled after the war, and that would have probably been significant if the war had gone on.  

The aircraft portion of the Polish article relies heavily on information from "The Complete Book of Fighters" by William Green and Gordon Swanborough, with supplementary information from other books on aviation.  I'm not totally satisfied with the aviation portion and am still looking for more information on Polish aircraft prototypes and production plans.

I also do a brief scenario where France launches a serious offensive to try to pull German troops off of Poland in the first week of September 1939.  Getting a realistic scenario where that happens is surprisingly difficult, and to be honest, the results are rather disappointing in the short run, though in the longer term we may find out that initial looks can be deceiving. We'll see about that if and when I continue the scenario.  

I can't put one of these newsletters up without at least one American Indian scenario.  In this case, I have the Pequots winning their war with the colonists.  

Finally, I add the next installment of the time-line where Hitler doesn't declare war on the US after Pearl Harbor, as promised last issue.  It gets interesting as this version of World War II teeters in the balance long after the war was essentially decided historically.


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