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Volume 2: Number 4 --- July 1999



(Three time winner of the clear cut award)


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What Is This?

A special reviews and fiction edition of the Newsletter.



Book Review Section

Alternate History and History reviews from assorted time-lines.

Against the Tide of Years

This sequel to Islands In The Sea of Time is entertaining and well written, but not quite as much a must read as "Islands"

Timeís Last Gift


This excellent book by Phillip Jose Farmer is borderline AH. If you didnít read it when it was new, itís worth looking for.

Go For the Silver

Dr Rittenhouse looks at the French invasion and conquest of Mexico in the late 1500ís.

Choctaw Genesis

 In the 1700 and 1800ís, the Choctaw were one of the three most powerful tribes of the US Southeast. Fifty years earlier, there was no such thing as a Choctaw people.

The American League of Nations Mandates

 A good history of the US league of nations mandates, which goes beyond the evidence by claiming that those mandates postponed another European war and the Great Burning by five or six years.


An ex-Soviet scientist who worked in the Soviet biowar program claims that the Soviets used biological warfare against the Germans in the summer of 1942 and has been improving its array of weapons ever since.

  Divided And Conquered

The French designed a mobile army, including armored divisions, and tried to beat the Germans at their own game in Belgium. They might have been better off cowering behind the Maginot line.

  Fortress EuropeóEuropean Fortifications of World War II

The French werenít the only ones who built elaborate and expensive fortified lines before World War II. This book looks at the German, Czech, Polish, Italian, and Russian answers to the Maginot line.

The Bicycle In Wartime: An Illustrated History

 Bicycles have played a surprisingly major role in every war since they became practical. The author traces that role from the Boer War, through the World Wars, to Vietnam.

Fiction Section

 Excerpts from various fiction projects Iím working on.

  Exchange ( Chapter 1 )

 The first chapter of a novel which weaves together several oversized short stories Iíve been working on. POD people have seen earlier versions of most of this, but the revisions are substantial.

  Quarantine ( Chapter 1 )

The first chapter of my first attempt at a story set in my Quarantine time-line. Still very rough and subject to revision.

 Freedom (part 2)

(POD only)

The Wickes brothers just want the world to leave them alone. An Exchange may make that possible.

The BEMs (part 2)

(POD only)

 I left a damsel in way too much distress last issue. This brief excerpt starts to get her out of it.

  Contributor Comments:

 I comment on previous issues of POD and brainstorm for new AH ideas.

Various Authors

A consolidated response to various comments on disease and American Indian history.

  • Smallpox death rates
  • Did Europeans have better immune systems?
  • Did Africans have even better one?
  • Does smallpox select for "B" blood-types?
  • Is that why Navaho population skyrocketed?
  • If Apaches ruled the plains
  • Population bottlenecks and disease
  • Did the human population bottleneck of 70,000+ years ago kill off a bunch of human diseases?
  • Did Indian diet make them vulnerable to disease?
  • How smallpox gets more or less deadly.
  • Spread diseases out or get them over with?


Robert Alley

  • Partitioning Russia?
  • Early breakup of the Roman Empire
  • Early breakup of the United States
  • French mobilization & "the unfought battle"
  • Yes, I have a scenario where New Guinea takes over the world.

Dale Cozort

  • Left-over business from last issue

David Johnson

  • Exchange
  • Neanderthal/Human Hybrids
  • Convergent Kangaroos
  • Marsupial Monkeys
  • Quarantine
  • in Europe
  • Trolleyworld

Wesley Kawato

  • What?


Craig Neumier

  • Christianity and the industrial revolution
  • Quarantine in Europe
  • "Culture killing" diseases
  • If disease killed 60% of our population

Jim Rittenhouse

  • Big zines and lost files

Rich Rostrum



What Is This?

This is a special reviews and fiction edition of my newsletter. Iím gritting my teeth and refraining from writing new scenarios (well, except for a couple of mini-scenarios in the comments section). This issue will consist only of the obligatory feedback to POD members, reviews, and fiction. Fair warning: at least one of the books reviewed may appear to be, well, from a different time-line. In at least one other case, the book reviewed is from our time-line, but the reviewer may not be.

POD members shouldnít have too much trouble separating most of the other-time-line reviews from the ones that you can really find at your local bookseller, but one or two of them might leave you wondering. Feel free to consider this a challenge and see if you can spot all of the alternate time-line reviews, and all of the alternate time-line reviewers. If you want to take the challenge, feel free to include that in your comments, or e-mail me if you want more immediate feedback. I'll let you know if you were right next issue, or respond by e-mail if you prefer that.

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