Dale Cozort's Alternate History Newsletter 

Volume 5: Number 2 --- June  2002


Hitler Doesn’t Declare War On the US (part 5)

The course of the war through January 1944

American Indians: Their Interrupted Trajectory (Part 1)

What would the American Indians have been like without European contact?

 An Early End to the Spanish Civil War?

A lucky Spanish Nationalist air strike has enormous consequences for the world.  

   Alternate Geography: It’s the Size of the Continents

Bigger continents can support larger and more specialized carnivores. Here’s why.  

  “Light” Reading

World War II mini-reviews

 The Home Front

Boomerang Daughters, More Tragedies & A Book On Demand.  




What Is This? 

This is a scaled-down version of the magazine I put in POD, the alternate history Amateur Press Association magazine.  POD was delayed for various reasons, and it has been four months since last issue.  I planned to do an on-line only issue for April, but life and other writing projects got in the way. 

Highlights of this issue: I start a series on how American Indian cultures might have developed in the absence of European contact. I continue the scenario where Hitler doesn’t declare war on the US.  I also do an alternate Spanish civil war piece, and an essay on the limitations of islands and small continents (for alternate geology buffs).  I also include a brief summary of some things that have gone on in my life in the last few months. POD members will also see some AH fiction and an alternate prehistory piece called “Heat Blip”.

Highlights of my writing life: A collection of my American Indian alternate history scenarios is now available in book form. It is called American Indian Victories. It is a trade paperback, 208 pages long, and sells for $15.95. It collects the best of my on-line scenarios, plus the ones that I put in POD but didn’t put on-line. I’ll talk about that more several other places in this issue.

In the pipe-line: I haven't forgotten the series I plan to do on how the various World War II armies would have looked if their part in the war had gone on longer.  There should be another article in that series next issue. 


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More Stuff For POD Members Only

What you see here is a truncated on-line version of a larger zine that I contribute to POD, the alternate history APA.  POD members get to look forward to more fun stuff.