Dale Cozortís

Alternate History Newsletter

Volume 2: Number 2 --- March 1999



(The other two time winner of the clear cut award)


Table Of Contents:






What Is This?

An Experiment: My first on-line POD.

Island California

What If California broke off in the Eocene and sheltered the Eocene North American animals from extinction?

The Ukrainian Option

Hitler uses the Ukrainian Nationalists to help him dismember Poland without starting a war with the Western Allies, but who is using who?

Brainstorming Mini-Scenarios & Essays

Short scenarios and essays triggered in some way by last issue of POD

The Independent States of America

The US breaks up immediately after the Revolutionary war?

The Independent States of Rome

What if Rome fell early?

Mexico Without Spaniards

Would disease have still destroyed the essence of Mexican Indian culture without the conquest.

 Sardinian Surprise  (POD members only)

The Sardinian Surprise would have changed the face of the ancient world, but how?

Quarantine (POD members only)

Sometime in late summer or early fall of 1520, the last ship from the Old World arrives off New Spain. The two hemispheres are now quarantined.

Contributor Comments:

  I comment on previous issues of POD and brainstorm for new AH ideas.

Ian Montgomerie

  • Exchange: Would we colonize an alternate time-line with no intelligent life, or leave it alone?
  • US Presidents for life and militarism

Robert Alley

  • Would the South give up slavery?
  • Airship Aircraft Carriers, Kasyada, No penicillin? No DDT?
  • The volcano that nearly wiped us out
  • Revolutionaries & Radicals

David Freitag

Darwinia, the sixties, Exchange, Ice Age Surprise, Blacks & Reconstruction

Jim Bante

  • Jesuits in North America
  • If the Allies attacked in Sept 1939

Andrew Goldstein

  • Multiple Chinas

David Johnson

  • Inhabitable planets in our solar system?
  • Suppressing the telescope

Wesley Kawato

  • Mound Builders

Andrew Schneider

  • Getting published
  • The Great War: American Front

Tom Cron

Alley does Crosstime Saloon well

Jim Rittenhouse

  • 1918 Flu
  • Enhanced Space Program
  • Confederate Guerrillas in 1877?

Abraham Gubler

  • The rejection letter is your friend
  • How Few Remain

Kurt Sidaway

  • Protestant Holy Roman Emperor?
  • Sex without pillow talk?

Craig Neumeir

  • American Neo-Fascists
  • Was Laughing Girl Psychic?
  • King Phillips War And Other Lost Causes
  • The Aztecs
  • Wolves with language
  • Religion in science fiction
  • Bonobos and Alternate Biology
  • Inca expansion
  • Yeah, I contradicted myself.

Michael Pratt

  • Longer Russian-Japanese War?

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro

  • Portuguese in Newfoundland

Dale Cozort

  • Greenland as a refuge for Eocene Animals?
  • Crocker Land and lost Vikings?
  • Bat Out of Hell and Cuban Exiles?



What is this? For those of you who are reading this on my website, you are seeing part of my contribution to the March 1999 issue of Point Of Divergence. Point of Divergence is an Amateur Press Association (APA) magazine of Alternate History. Think of it as kind of a "roll your own" magazine. You have to contribute material in order to get a copy and membership in the APA is limited to 30 people.

So, why am I posting part of my contribution on my web site? Three reasons: First, I want to give people who aren't able to participate in the APA a taste of what goes on in it. Second, I want to speed up the process of giving people feedback on their contributions to the APA. A major part of the APA is an ongoing feedback process on past contributions. That is very valuable, but I always hate to wait two months to get the feedback. This will cut a couple of weeks off of the feedback process. Third, I want to have something worthwhile to post on the website. I promised to try to maintain a pace of two AH scenarios per month. I haven't been able to keep that up for the last couple of months due to a combination of illness in the family, computer problems, becoming a partner in a small business, and spending a lot of time on a couple of scenarios that looked promising but frankly haven't panned out yet. Given the limited time I have to spend on AH at the moment, I figured I could combine the effort I was making on POD with giving web AH junkies at least a little bit to chew on. This is not my full contribution to the March 1999 POD. The full contribution will include scenarios for Point Of Divergence members only.

A typical POD contribution includes several pages of comments on the last couple of issues, then often a scenario or two, and sometimes part or all of a short story to be looked at and critiqued. I use POD as a brainstorming tool. Often something in an issue will trigger an idea. When that happens, I just switch to Italics and type in the idea. I used to just leave the idea in that area, but I found that ideas tended to get lost if I leave them in a comments area, so I'm going back and putting the longer  brainstorming ideas and essays in a separate area now.