Dale Cozort's Alternate History Newsletter
Volume 11: Number 2 --- May  2008


Electric World

The Confederate HighWheeler Dragoons

Spain Joins The Axis in 1940 - part 3 

Book Review: In The Court of the Crimson Kings (Steve Stirling)

 A Successful Sealion?

The Deep Future

The Era of Solar Energy - 1986 to ?





I actually had quite a bit of this issue written before I started . After I submitted the March zine I went all out to recover the original version. It took far more time than rewriting from scratch would have, and I ended up paying around $300 for a high-end computer forensics program, but I got the original copy back about a week after I sent the zine off.

That meant that I have this zine almost half written. Cool. On the other hand, I just got done writing a big zine for FAPA (Fantasy Amateur Press Association) and I was way behind on all of my real-life stuff: bills, mowing the lawn, catching up on grading homework and getting myself back in shape so I'll look good in a speedo this summer.

Well, actually scratch that last bit. I don't think I would have ever looked good in a speedo. As a matter of fact I've never seen any guy look good in one. In any case, the zine is a little skimpier than I would like it to be.

My aunt's problems are still taking up time. Even after the auction the township is threatening to fine her $500 a day because of "debris" on the farm that used to be my cousin's. Before the auction I could see that. Now it isn't too bad, though a couple of people did their best to leave a mess. One of them bought a couple of old trailers and just ripped all of the aluminum siding and wiring out of them and left the rest for us to dispose of. Another guy bought something and just ripped the insulation out of it and through it on the ground out in one of the fields. I spent the bulk of the day picking up insulation that was blowing all over the field and out on the road. Somebody else snuck into one of the building and stripped out all of the electrical wiring for the copper content. He left it live at the fuse box.

Fortunately, somebody found it shortly after the guy left and we got the electricity cut off. Just when we started getting a handle on the aftermath of the auction, somebody broke into a shed at my aunt's farm and hauled off some stuff-copper wire and a radiator from an old car. They also broke into the house next door, which has been vacant for several years. So even as I type this I am expecting a call from a detective on that. Interesting times.

I hope you like Electric World and The Confederate Highwheeler Dragoons. I had a lot of fun writing them. Okay. On to the zine.

Posted on June 9, 2008--Minor revisions Feb 2012.


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