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Volume 14: Number 2 --- April/May  2011
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May 2011 Main Page

Snapshot Excerpt Part 8

An excerpt from the mysterious UberNovel.

AH Challenges

Could Indians Have Destroyed One of the 13 Colonies?

Exchange Sequel

An excerpt from the still unnamed sequel to Exchange

Excerpt: There Will Always Be An England

World War II England ISOTs to the stone age

The Man Who Broke the Speed Limit

Fan Fiction set in SM Stirling's Dies The Fire Universe

Comments Section

Point Of Divergence is an amateur press magazine and also a forum for discussing AH and AH-related ideas.  Here is my comment section.

So What Have I Been Up To? I'm setting into a nearly Microsoft-free computing life-style. Macbook Air equals no Windows.  So, check there. LibreOffice and Pages instead of Word. Check there. FireFox, not IE, of course, though I've not been overly happy with Firefox lately and have been experimenting with Chrome.   Heavy use of Scrivener 2.0 on my last couple of writing projects is a bonus of the Mac.  Not a perfect novel-writing program, but reasonably good and intuitive. 

Since last issue I’ve (a) Done a massive line-edit of Snapshot, (b) Done a massive line-edit of Char. (c) Written another 10,000 or so words on my still unnamed sequel to Exchange.  You'll see part two of that this distro, along with the continuing sagas of Snapshot and There Will Always Be An England.  Unfortunately, I've done almost nothing in the way of traditional AH scenarios this time around.  Unfortunately that means that the Riff war scenario will have to stay at part 4 until next distro.

In spite of Kurt Sidaway's extremely useful efforts, All Timelines Lead To Rome got knocked out in the second round of ABNA.  Looking back, I can sort of understand why.  I put on a new first 500 words, and looking back they sucked.  It may or may not have mattered overly much, because one of the two judges pretty obviously didn't read past the first 500 words, though he pretended he did. Maybe a better first 500 words would have gotten him to read on. Maybe he just didn't like science fiction. The other judge wondered how my AH story got around the time-travel paradox—you know, the one where you go back and kill your granddad before he fathers your father--which would have been an issue if the story involved time travel.This is a subjective business, as always, with a huge amount of luck of the draw in terms of judges.

Remember those ambitious goals I set for myself last time?  I dialed back a little these past two months, though I still set ambitious goals this time around, as you can tell, but hopefully more reachable.

Unless some inspiration strikes me at the last moment, this will be a nearly scenario-free distro for me, with almost all my efforts focused on the novel sections.  Hey, three novel portions is probably enough to inflict on you in one distro anyway.


Posted on January 2, 2012.


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