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Volume 2: Number 3 --- May 1999

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What Is This?

A truncated on-line version of my POD contribution

In-Depth Scenarios:


Spanish South Carolina

Between 1492 and 1607 (the time of the first successful English settlement in North America), Spain, France, and even Portugal made over a dozen failed attempts to settle here. What if one of those failed colonies had succeeded?

Tanks & Armored Forces of Late World War II (June 1945-December 1946)

Stalin’s attempt to grab the spoils of Allied victory led to epic tank battles between the Soviets and the Western Allies. This is an overview of the role of armor in that war.

Dunkirk Weather

For five days in late May 1940, an odd weather pattern bogged down German tanks, then grounded the Luftwaffe. Let’s try moving that weather pattern around a bit.

A Bad Day In East Africa (Available to POD members only)

 Roughly 3 million years ago, an asteroid hit off the west coast of South America and caused massive ecological damage to half a continent. What if it had hit off the coast of East Africa?

 Quarantine—part 2

( POD members only)

Sometime in early fall of 1520, the last ship from the Old World arrives off New Spain. The two hemispheres are now quarantined. This installment traces the history of the New World in the resulting time-line through to 1999.

Brainstorming Scenarios & Essays

Smaller, off-the-cuff scenarios and essays, usually triggered by something in the last issue of POD

The Great Australian Rainforest

What if Australia stayed wet and covered with rain forests like it was back in the Miocene?

 World War II Starts In 1945

Delay World War II by six years and it would have almost certainly been fought with nukes.

Pre-Columbian Colonies: Carthage colonizes Mexico 

 Hannibal flees to Mexico after losing the second Punic War?

 Civilization 35,000 Years Early?  You are the Time Traveler.  Make it Happen.

A challenge: If you could go back 40,000 years ago, could you start the locals on the fast track to civilization?  If so, how?

Alternate Paleontology and Islands

Miscellaneous brainstorming ideas involving extinct or never-was creatures on islands.

Contributor Comments:

I comment on previous issues of POD and brainstorm for new AH ideas.

Dale Speirs

·         Welcome

·         Canada Has a History? (Just kidding)

Andrew Goldstein

  • Alternate history of comics


David Freitag

  • South doesn’t secede
  • Border states and Virginia declare armed neutrality in the Civil War.
  • Kayada’s animals: Mammal-like crocodiles?

Andrew Schneider

  • Negative and unhelpful comments on The Ides Of March

Ian Montgomerie

  • War and technology
  • Nazis take power in 1939, go to war in 1945
  • Making the Great Depression small
  • Was Reagan just lucky on the Soviets?

Robert Alley

  • Sending Furbys back in time
  • American Civil War in 1855
  • Great Powers partition China around 1900
  • Providence Island: Puritan ‘pirates’ off of Nicaragua
  • What if JFK survived?

David Johnson

  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Do diseases disprove Pre-Columbian contact theories?

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro

I like Peak Time

Kurt Sidaway

  • Portugal conquers Aztecs
  • French invade Mexico from the Pacific—1559
  • Intuition and "psychic" powers

Wesley Kawato

Island life in the time of the dinosaurs


What Is This?


I decided to once again post part, but not all of my contribution to Point Of Divergence, the Alternate History Amateur Press Association magazine, to my web page. Non-POD people get three out of the five scenarios and some commentary on last issue that may or may not be understandable without reading the part of POD they refer to.

I really am trying to keep the size of these things down a bit. I went from a 12 point to a 10-point font, which made a dramatic difference in the page count, from nearly 60 pages down to a little over 40 pages.


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