The Comuneros Triumphant (part 1)
While the conquistadors are conquering the Aztecs, the cities of Spain revolt against their king.

Dale Cozort's

 Alternate History Newsletter

Volume 2: Number 6 --- November 1999

(Four time winner of the clear cut award)

Soviet Civil War, 1926 
Soviet Communism tears itself to pieces in the late 1920’s.

Operation Torch Delayed (part 2) 
Delay the invasion of North Africa by 3 weeks and you get a very different World War II.  Part 2 takes us through the middle of 1944. 

The USS Panay & the Golden BB 
What if one of the men on the Panay had made a million-to-one shot and brought down a Japanese warplane?

How Many Lost Cities Can We Come Up With? 
Edgar Rice Burroughs (creator of Tarzan) stuffed Africa & Asia full of lost cities.  I take a break from serious Alternate History and try creating Alternate History lost cities.

 Blitzkrieg Weather (part 1)


 Hitler intended to take France in one bold stroke starting on May 10, 1940. One day later it started to rain on his parade.

More Stuff For POD Members Only

What you see here is a truncated on-line version of a much larger zine that I contribute to POD, the alternate history APA.  POD members get to look forward to more fun stuff.




Two more alternate history scenarios:

The Saguenay

European outlaws and adventurers settle among New England's Indians to form the Saguenay, a powerful, warlike mixed-race group of pirate nations—scum of Europe crossed with survivors of New England's Indians.

 Lost City of the Incas (& the Conquistadors)

 Put the right Pizarro brother in charge of a revolt of the conquistadors of Peru against Spanish rule and we can get enough lost cities to make even Edgar Rice Burroughs envious.

Book Reviews: 

Virtual History: Big-name English historians do Alternate History 

What-if : A wide range of fairly standard Alternate Histories done well 


More Alternate History Fiction:

Remembering the Sixties (editor's cup entry) 

Soviet missiles in Cuba, the Goldwater years, and being a preteen in the early sixties.

West Story ( part 2 )

 Some of the final pieces of the Exchange puzzle fall into place. 

 The BEMS (part 3)

 “The BEMS” appears to have nothing to do with alternate history. Actually it started life as one of the pieces of an extremely ambitious AH that I'm not quite capable of writing yet. 

Contributor Comments

I comment on the previous issue of POD (This is actually available online, but probably won't interest anyone outside of POD very much.)

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