Some Fool Thing in the Balkans I 

World War .2 in 1878 


Dale Cozort's

 Alternate History Newsletter

Volume 3: Number 5 --- October 2000

(Seven time winner of the clear cut award)

"And For Lack of the Horse"  

When their horses die from a mysterious disease,  the conquistadors have a serious problem.


Some Fool Thing in the Balkans II 

A Croatian revolt leads to a Yugoslav Civil War in spring 1939, and a very different lead-up to World War II.


Ming Dynasty in the Philippines

Diehard Ming dynasty supporters conquered Dutch-held Taiwan and used it as a base to fight against the Manchu. What if they had done the same thing to the Spanish Philippines?

More Stuff For POD Members Only

What you see here is a truncated on-line version of a larger zine that I contribute to POD, the alternate history APA.  POD members get to look forward to more fun stuff.





What Is This? 

Just call it the incredible shrinking zine II. Life has become even more hectic for the family in the last few months. I changed jobs again (though within the same company), and my wife's mom had a mild stroke. My wife's father already had a fairly severe form of dementia (not Alzheimer's though, fortunately). We're spending a lot of time trying to keep that part of the family functioning and out of a nursing home. They're really nice people and we want to keep them as independent as possible as long as possible. If that cuts down on the writing time, so be it. At least I was able to get a few things out this time.

This issue POD people will see an old story, my first completed AH story. Everybody will see a couple of scenarios of wars that didn't happen, but easily could have, and another way the Indians could have escaped European domination, at least for a while. I'll also have some of the usual commentary on last issue of POD, though unfortunately I did not get to everybody this time.

I didn't even get done with section 1, and I feel bad about that I will get to everybody next time before I write anything else.



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