Dale Cozort's Alternate History Newsletter - Four Mini-Zines

Volume 10: Number 2 --- December  2007


Pale Shadow #4 - December 2007

Pale Shadow #3 - October 2007


Pale Shadow #2 - August 2007 

A Pale Shadow #1 - May 2007





So What Have I Been Up To?  I've been frantically busy trying to get a couple of novels up to speed and published.  They're both Alternate History-related, so hopefully you'll enjoy them if I do manage to get them published.  I've also become co-editor of POD, the alternate history APA.  If that wasn't enough I've also started a newsletter called SciTech For Writers, and I've been heavily involved in a court case trying to keep an elderly aunt from being defrauded. 

I haven't given up on my Alternate History Newsletter.  As a matter of fact, I did five issues in 2007, about the same number as in previous years.  The problem, as you will see, is that the issues have gotten really skimpy due to time constraints.  The last four issues combined are smaller than a single average issue from a few years ago.  That's why I combined them and call them "Pale Shadows of My Usual Zine". 

I don't think the quality has gone down.  As a matter of fact it may have even gone up.     

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