Dale Cozort's Alternate History Newsletter 

Volume 5: Number 3 --- September  2002


Hitler Doesn’t Declare War On the US (part 6)

The course of the war through Spring 1944

The Greek/Italian War-May to August 1940

Italy invades Greece a few months early.

 D-Day Postponed

Eisenhower postpones D-Day for a couple of weeks. Bad idea.  

   Char (Fiction)

  The Fifteen Original Colonies?

What if New Haven and Plymouth Bay had remained seperate colonies?

 The Home Front

After almost 5 year: rethinking the zine. What's good? What's bad? Plus: An experiment in writing full-time.  




What Have I Been Up To?

This issue is going to be a little skimpier than usual for several reasons:

  • I wrote a novel:  From mid-August to early October of this year I spent about 95% of my writing time writing a novel.  I finished the rough draft about a week ago.  It's kind of a cross between an  alternate history story and a murder mystery.  You'll see the first three or four chapters in this issue, along with some commentary on writing.

  • Columns in StrategyPage.com: One of my favorite websites has long been StrategyPage.com (www.stratgypage.com). I recently wrote two alternate history columns for them. Columns that go on StrategyPage.com will show up here too, but they’ll be on StrategyPage.com first. If you visit StrategyPage.com for the first time, let them know I sent you.

  • American Indian Victories: My book is still a priority for me. I’ve spent quite a bit of time promoting it over the last couple of months. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at some of the people who picked up a copy and commented on it later to me.  People who have a chance to look at a copy tend to buy it, which is flattering.  I am getting some feedback that orders through Amazon.com are taking a long time to ship--nearly a month in some cases.  Going through Booklocker.com will get you the book considerably quicker.  I'll post up-to-date info on how to get the book here.

This issue: I continue the multi-part scenario where Hitler doesn’t declare war of the US in 1941. This installment will be considerably shorter than the last one.  (The novel ate my writing time.)  I may or may not get to the thought piece on how the American Indians would have developed if European contact had been delayed.  I hope to.  It’s just a matter of time.  I have two good World War II scenarios—one an extensive rewrite of something I did about 5 years ago.   You’ll also get some thoughts I took away from a two-and-a-half week long personal fiction writing marathon.

In the pipe-line: I haven't forgotten the series I plan to do on how the various World War II armies would have looked if their part in the war had gone on longer, but I wasn't able to get to it for this issue.




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