Exchange is a new alternate history novel by Dale Cozort.

Exchanges have become ‘routine catastrophes’, like a hurricane or a major earthquake. Having their town pop into a wild, dangerous alternate dimension for two weeks is hardly routine for the people of Rockport though.  One of them, Sharon Mack, has to fight her way through threatening animals, a brutal street gang, escaped convicts, and the "Church of the Second Chance" to get her daughter back. 

Exchange has a rich, unique setting. It has strong, colorful, ambiguous heroes and villains. It has an intricate plot--wheels within wheels as one character puts it--that should keep you guessing until the end, as powerful ambitions clash over the future of both realities.

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Readers say

"Terrific premise, a hero to die for, a smart, strong, motivated heroine, and a great hook! ...sets the standards high!"

"This is a phenomenal science fiction story. I love the world building. A mix of ancient and present! Fabulous!"

"Wonderfully creative! An original setting with engaging characters...standout story."

"I can't remember when I was thrown into a new paradigm so quickly and adroitly."

"Strong characters, interesting premise, and a flow that propels you through the story."

"Pleasing, and heart-pumping, blend of action and ambiguity."